Practice Areas

Financial Services

Financial ServicesFinancing, asset valuation and purchasing, strategic disbursing, and heightened regulatory oversight — these are among the many financial issues that require an understanding what’s happening in Washington, D.C.. Treasury, FDIC, the Federal Reserve, Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, Capitol Hill — all are providing marching orders. Early knowledge offers the ability to impact, or benefit from, regulation. Our understanding of process in this town, along with national relationships with community bankers, VCs, financial advisory firms, real estate funds, and more position our clients to do deals while others are gleaning critical data from the newspapers.

Energy & Environment

Energy and EnvironmentFrom Climate Change legislation and U.S. Energy Production to Water Rights and Wildlife Corridors, the pace of change at the national and state level has never been faster nor had larger implications. Gorman and Associates is actively involved in energy, particularly renewables (wind, solar, waste-to-energy, and more). We specialize in promoting a variety of pollution reducing technologies, along with green design, construction, and facility management, and the protection and restoration of native species and habitats. Gorman and Associates can advise on site selection, facilitate the permit process, help seek financing, and much more.

Online Communications

Online CommunicationsThe world has changed drastically over the last decade as technological advancements in communications have revolutionized the way we interact with each other. This is an ongoing phenomenon that has transformed our social, economic, and political interaction by creating undreamed of lines of multiple-way communication. Our clients know that to stay ahead of the game in this new and ever-changing environment, they need to use the latest online communications developments to their advantage. Gorman and Associates keeps its clients abreast of the latest developments and shows them how to use them strategically.

Political Campaigns & Fundraising

Political Campaigns & FundraisingThe Obama campaign’s successful harnessing of the Internet to win the election was a wake up call to the transformational power of the newest interactive platforms that make up the Web. This new model of garnering political support has revolutionized political campaigns as candidates turn to cutting-edge Web 2.0 strategies to raise money and get out the vote.

From email blasts to full-blown web 2.0online communications, Gorman and Associates provides counsel, advice, and fundraising expertise to political campaigns around the nation.

For more than 20 years, Gorman and Associates has worked on political campaigns across the country helping national, state, and local candidates succeed in their quests to hold public office. At the federal level, we have worked on presidential, senatorial, and house campaigns; at the state level we have helped gubernatorial, state legislative candidates, as well as those running for other state offices such as State Auditor, Attorney General, etc. As the Internet develops into an increasingly robust and participatory means of communication, Gorman and Associates keeps abreast of the latest participatory trends and developments commonly referred to as web 2.0 to offer our clients cutting edge online campaign tools and strategies.